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Lottery Number Generator

Simulate your own lottery draw, or generate your next set of numbers to play. Easy to use, fast, secure and guaranteed to be random. Based on cutting-edge cryptographic algorithms.TRY IT FOR FREE

Lottery Tax Calculator

How much tax will you have to pay on your lottery winnings? You'll probably be quite suprised by the results. This tool helps you get an estimation based on your location.TRY IT FOR FREE

Lottery Odds Comparision

Which lottery is the easiest to win? We have built a database that contains the odds for all the lottery games around the world. You can filter them by country and compare them with each other to find out which lottery games have the best odds in your area.TRY IT FOR FREE

Lottery Odds Calculator

Want to know what are your odds to win the jackpot or a smaller prize? This is the tool for you! Calculate the odds of hundreds of games - or set your own custom parameters for a theoretical lottery game.TRY IT FOR FREE

Expected Value Calculator

Is it worth playing the lottery? What is the ROI of buying a lottery ticket? Is there a limit where the jackpot is big enough where it actually makes sense to put your money into lottery tickets? Does your chances grow if you buy more tickets?TRY IT FOR FREE