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Want to know the chances of winning lottery games like Powerball or Mega Millions? Look no further, this is the tool for you.

Lottolibrary's lottery odds calculator can help you check the odds of winning the jackpot or smaller prizes of Powerball, Mega Millions, Pick3, Pick4, EuroMillions, or any other popular lottery game.

Lottery Odds Calculator

Powerball (Multi-State)


Which Lottery Game Has The Best Odds?

If you are looking for a comprehensive comparision of lottery games, you should definitely check out our Lottery Odds Comparision Tool. It has an extensive database of the winning odds of all the lottery games in the world.

For What Games Can the Lottery Odds Calculator Display the Odds?

Using this calculator you can get the odds for any lottery game. We've included presets for the most popular games like Powerball, Mega Millions, Pick3, Pick4, Hot Lotto, Euromillions, Lucky for Life and Thunderball.
You are not limited to these presets though: by choosing the Custom Game option you can tweak the parameters and see how the odds change or check the odds of any theoritical game.

How Much Does It Cost to Use the Lottery Odds Calculator? Is It a Free Tool?'s lottery odds calculator tool is free to use. There are no hidden fees or charges.
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How Are Lottery Odds Calculated?

Lottolibrary's lottery odds calculator tool relies on a branch of mathematics called probability theory.
In a fair game of lottery, each number has an equal chance to be drawn, which means that lotteries follow the so-called discrete uniform distribution. The exact odds of winning a certain prize can be calculated by dividing the number of winning combinations by the number of all possible combinations. These two numbers can be easily computed using some of the basic formulas of combinatorics.


This tool is intended for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only.

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