What Happens if You Win the Lottery in a Different State?

Winning a lottery outside one’s home state is not uncommon. According to the Census Bureau, more than one-fourth of American workers move to another state for a job and these people could have bought a lottery ticket in the other state. Some people may have also purchased a ticket when on vacation in another state.VIEW POST

12 Lottery Winners Who Are Still Rich

Sometimes, it seems like lottery winners always end up losing it all. But while some do, there are success stories of people who have successfully managed windfalls and broken the so-called “lottery curse.” While you may never be lucky enough to buy the winning ticket, you can learn a lot from the stories of these smart winners and use that knowledge to manage your finances more efficiently.VIEW POST

5 Famous Lottery Winners

The lottery is a massively popular way for Americans to bet and has become popular around the world as a low-risk but potentially high-reward way to gamble. While some lottery tickets can get you a few bucks here and there, others like the Powerball and big state lotteries have some people walking home with over $1 billion. It makes you wonder – how many people win the lottery every year?VIEW POST

How Are Lottery Tickets Verified?

Why is it that cashing in on a $50 lottery win can take a few minutes at the store while receiving thousands of dollars payout seems to drag on for days? Well, it’s all about the verification requirements. And the higher the prize claim, the more thorough the verification process.VIEW POST

Lottery vs. Raffle: What's the Difference?

Part of the fun of playing the lottery or participating in a raffle is the fact that there are no special skills involved. Everyone has the same chance of winning, making them games of chance and not of ability or skill. However, there are distinctions between lotteries and raffles.VIEW POST

Do You Have Pay Taxes On Your Lottery Winnings Every Year?

The biggest single-winner payout in the lottery was the $1.537 billion Mega Millions jackpot. Winning this amount from the lottery is probably the most significant overnight change that a person could go through. But more than the amount, can you imagine the taxes that you have to pay every year if you're the lucky winner?VIEW POST

What Type of Lawyer Handles Lottery Winnings?

If you want to be less overwhelmed after hitting the big jackpot, hiring a “lottery lawyer” is probably the way to go. These lawyers can have a variety of backgrounds, but they should know the ins and outs of lottery law and have experience representing big winners.VIEW POST