Are Lottery Tickets Recyclable?

After you have scratched off your lottery tickets, what should you do with it? If you have won, the answer is easy—sign the back of it and take it either to the store where you bought it or if the winnings are big enough, a claims center. What about if you lose—should you just toss them in the trash, or can they be recycled?VIEW POST

Is Mega Millions the Same in All States?

You probably know that you can play Mega Millions in many states. After all, how can the payouts be so large compared to state lotteries? However, is the Mega Millions lottery run differently in other states?VIEW POST

Mega Millions vs. Scratch Off: Which Is Better?

Whether you have played the lottery before or it is your first time, you are probably wondering which game to play. The jackpot in Mega Millions can be huge, but the chances for winning are small. Scratch offs have smaller jackpots, but the odds of winning are higher.VIEW POST

Is the Mega Millions Drawing Televised?

After you buy your Mega Millions lotto tickets, you can find out if you won by checking online or watching the news on TV. The drawing happens at 11 p.m. eastern time, but your station doesn't show it for another twenty minutes. If you have that feeling you might have won and don’t want to wait, can you watch the drawing live?VIEW POST

Why Does the Lottery Exist?

Lottery tickets can be bought at almost any grocery or convenience store, and for only a couple of dollars, promise that you could be the one to win big. Millions of dollars are spent on such tickets each year.VIEW POST

Do Lotteries Benefit Education?

Lottery winners get millions of dollars for whatever they wish to spend on - be it flashy cars, houses, or dream vacations. But the states that hold the lotteries are winners, too. Lotteries will often donate money that contributes to the states’ funds for the year.VIEW POST

Are Lottery Tickets/Winnings Taxed?

Who has not had a conversation about what you would do with your lottery winnings? Even people who don’t play the lottery talk about how much they would give to charity and what they would buy with their winnings. Dreaming is fun, but practical considerations—like how you will get the money, and how much you will actually receive — are also important.VIEW POST

What to Do with Old Lottery Tickets?

Let us say you found old lottery tickets while you were cleaning out your kitchen or going through that stack of papers that have been needing to be organized for months. An old lottery ticket seems useless, right? Is there anything to do with it besides throwing it away?VIEW POST

Best Lottery Books

Top 3 lottery books - our recommendations on the best lottery-related books: winning guides, lottery strategies, the science of lotteries etc.VIEW POST